Historian, photographer, environmentalist


I am an environmental historian and an assistant professor of medieval history. My intellectual pursuits are directly connected to the way I see photography and the way I experience the remarkable variety of human and natural landscapes.


I am fascinated by the ways that people interact with place, with the biographies of places and spaces, and the ways that nature affects human spaces and humans affect nature. My images reflect the character of places and the intersection of the natural and the man-made, the animate and the inanimate.


I work primarily in color, and am interested in bold contrasts in color, texture, and patterns, the ways that time weathers and mutes colors, and in the ways that places and patterns are formed and broken. Through “portraits” of streetscapes, buildings, markets, objects, places, sculptures, and ruins, I work to present the ways that nature, time and history are felt in landscapes and built environments.

In addition to a solo show, "Sabbatical" at the City Art Center in Delaware Ohio (Now Gallery 22), I have had photos accepted into juried shows at the A. Smith Gallery in Johnson City, TX, the Midwest Center for Photography, and Fusion Gallery.


All photographs on this site are the property of the artist and cannot be used without permission.@2013